Lost Beauty: II, Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York

Here are images for the Lost Beauty: II- The Art of Museum Stories at the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, New York and here are two time-lapse videos of the creation of three paintings: Cylinder seal from 2nd/3rd Early Dynasty Mesopotamia,  seven-footed frog and blue-spotted salamander.

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034861 sherd 150
Pottery Sherd
53″ x 48″
AD 1300-1650,
Simmons Site, Elma, New York
Niagara Frontier Archaeological Project, 1959.

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034862 butterfly necklace 150
44″ x 48″
Kingfisher feathers, coral, metals
19th century
Gift of Chauncey J. Hamlin, 1954.

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034864 extinct plant 150Blue-eyed Mary (Extinct)
34″ x 48″
Collinsia verna
May 5, 1890,
Buffalo, New York.
Clinton Herbarium of the Buffalo Museum of Science

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034866 sea mouse 150Sea Mouse
30″ x 48″
Aphrodita aculeata
Transfer from the Smithsonian Institution

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034869 pebble carrier 150Carrier Shell
48″ x 53″
Xenophora calculifera
Shell, stones
Nd. Indian Ocean
Donated by Mrs. J. D. Larkin, 1923.
No. 100:1:1,2

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034873 tiny basket 150Basket
48″ x 48″
Plant fiber
Early 20th century
Pomo, California
Museum Exchange, 1940

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034875 rat tail earing 150Earring
48″ x 55″
Rat tail, plant fiber
19th century
Kairuku Subdistrict, Papua New Guinea
P.G.T. Black Collection, 1938.

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034877 small bowl 150Zoomorphic Vessel
48″ x 48″
Chiriqui Province, Panama
Museum Purchase, 1891

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034879 cicada 150
Cicada Type
36″ x 72″
Zammara medialinea
September 19, 1980
Aragua, Rancho Grande, Venezuela

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034883 cage 150Cricket Cage
48″ x 72″
Early 20th century
Gift of Chauncey J. Hamlin, 1948

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034888 cylinder 150Cylinder Seal
48″ x 72″
2nd/3rd Early Dynasty
Mesopotamia [Modern Day Iraq]
Museum Purchase, 1943

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034889 frog 150Seven Footed Frog
60″ x 66″
Specimen preserved in fluid

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034891 mussels 150Mussel (Extinct )
48″ x 72″
Epioblasma haysiana

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034894 fossil 150Eurypterid Fossil
42″ x 72″
Pterygotus cummings
Bertie Formation, Buffalo Cement Company Quarry, Buffalo, New York.
Collected by Lewis J. Bennett

Alberto Rey 3-20-202034895 slamander 150Blue-spotted Salamander
36″ x 72″
Ambystoma laterale
August 25th, 1956
Harris Hill Road and Haskell Drive, Lancaster, New York.
Mrs. Eleanor Friert

Installation shots of the exhibition at the Buffalo Museum of Science, Buffalo, NY:

1 Alberto Rey Science Center 12-2142253

2 Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422583. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422613. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422694. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422725. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422786. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422857. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-21422888. Alberto Rey Science Center 12-2142311