Autogeographical and Floating Series


For the past several years leading up to this point, I had been trying to organize and find effective formats for which to present the memories that had been important in my life. With the Autogeographical Series, I incorporated those memories with layered aerial drawings of my past “homes” in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Florida, Cuba and Mexico. These aerial drawings and paintings provided a perspective on how I had arrived at that point in my life. Intertwined amongst these aerial perspectives and memories are large symbolic references to Cuban and American culture. Three-dimensional constructions also incorporated the layering of these experiences and memories. Each painting became a visual novel with it’s own characters, stories and geographical descriptions.

These drawings and paintings became maps from which I could try to find a sense of “home” or “identity”.

This series consisted of 55 drawings, 25 paintings, 6 sculptures and one performance/installation.

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