Madonnas in Time Series


The Madonnas in Time Series incorporates images from Cuba during the 1910’s
and 20’s and uses those images as a background to contemporary scenes from
the United States. I wanted to find a connection to the island in a pure
manner while getting a perspective on my own life in the United States.

Due to my departure from Cuba at an nearly age, I have experienced Cuba
almost entirely second hand and only in a turbulent political atmosphere. It
has been difficult to discover the aesthetic
importance of the country due to the political complexities that has clouded
any image or story that has occurred during my life time. The significance
of using the imagery from Cuba during the earlier part of the century is
centered on the attempt to find imagery from Cuba that did not reflect the
political circumstances that has affected most of my life.

The images in the foreground are images from my everyday
life in rural New York and are characteristic of my life in the United
States. The nostalgic images of Cuba are portrayed as black and white images
while the image of real life are presented in color.Series consisted of 18
paintings and one scultpture.

Series consisted of 16 paintings and one sculpture.

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