Madonnas of Western New York


My wife and I moved to Western New York during this period of time. We spent our Sunday afternoons driving around nearby town and villages as we began to become familiar with our new environment. I periodically came across scenes that were mundane but seemed to symbolize the culture in our area. We kept returning to these places as though we were receiving some spiritual enlightenment from those landscapes. This became the imagery for the Madonnas of Western New York Series.

During this period, I was also interested in Mexican and Italian retablos. These folk painting were visual prayers made for specific saints or religious figures. I was intrigued by how the artists managed to create a relationship between their everyday lives and a sense of spirituality through their art. I wanted to create my own series of work that brought this sense of spirituality into my everyday life.

As the series continued, I also incorporated landscapes from my past. The work also combined the previous concerns from the Binary Forms. Each painting reflected connections between the past and present.

Series consisted of 22 paintings.

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