Two exhibitions at Robert Wesleyan College, Rochester, NY

I will be participating in two exhibitions at Robert Wesleyan College between January and April in 2012. This is a rare opportunity to display a large representation of past works while also displaying new site-specific work in two galleries on one campus.

Cuban Portraits Series: Antonio, Miami, Florida
Oils on plaster

1. The first presentation, “Reflections on Culture and Memories Lost”, is a solo exhibition of 26 small paintings from the past 20 years. Several of these works have never been exhibited. This exhibition runs from January 23 through to March 23, 2012 at Northeastern Seminary on the campus of Roberts Wesleyan College on 2265 Westside Drive in Rochester, NY. Contact info: 800.777.4RWC or 585.594.6802

Las Balsas (The Rafts) : I
Oils on plaster

2. The second exhibition will be presented between March 5 through to April 6 where I will be presenting 6 paintings in a two-person exhibition, “Realms and Origins”, at the Davison Gallery also on the campus at Robert Wesleyan College. The opening reception will occur on Monday March 12, 2012 from 5:00-7:00 p.m. with an artists’ talk at 5:30pm. This will be a good opportunity to also see the other exhibition at the Northeastern Seminary which is located in the building next to the gallery. The Davison Gallery is located on lower atrium of the Cultural Life Center on 2301 Westside Drive. For directions click here.

Biological Regionalism: Brown Trout, Four Mile Creek, Rochester, New York
Oils on Plaster

Biological Regionalism: Four Mile Creek, Rochester, New York
Oils on Plaster

In this exhibition, I will be presenting two new site-specific works from the Biological Regionalism Series as well as four other paintings from Virginia and Alaska. These works represent the specific locations and fish species found in western New York as well the east and west coasts of the United States. The male brown trout was documented in Four Mile Creek in the outskirts of Rochester. It had migrated up from Lake Erie to spawn in the small stream located next to the remains of an old gristmill/saw mill from 1806.

Biological Regionalism:Brook Trout, Big Mary’s Creek, Vesuvius, Virginia
Oils on Plaster

Biological Regionalism: Big Mary’s Creek, Vesuvius, Virginia
Oils on Plaster

Two other paintings document the threatened native brook trout population found in a small, secluded stream called Big Mary’s Creek near Vesuvius, Virginia.

Biological Regionalism:Dolly Varden, Aniak River Tributary, Aniak, Alaska
Oils on Plaster

The last pairing of paintings documents a spawning dolly varden that was documented in the Aniak River after migrating upstream from the Pacific Ocean.

Biological Regionalism:Aniak River Tributary, Aniak, Alaska
Oils on Plaster

Davison Gallery contact:
Scot Bennett,
Director, Davison Gallery
Curator, BT Roberts Memorial Hall Gallery

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