New Steelhead Video From This Past Spring

Now that steelhead season is over and my classes at the university are finished, I am finally catching up on addressing several items on my very long “to do” list including putting this short video together.

The footage was take on one of our local streams that I regularly guide. It was late in the season and since I had the day open on my schedule I called a buddy of mine and we began our hunt. As is the case during this time of year, there were some small pods of steelhead scattered along the length of the stream but it took a good bit of  walking to find them. It was a beautiful day, no one else was on the stream and I always look forward to a little “run and gun”. That’s what I call when the water is clear and you have to cover a lot of water before you find a steelie to cast to.  We covered several miles that day but it was a ball!

The steelies were hitting either large (#3/0) white streamers or tiny (#10) sparse angel hair streamers.

Enjoy the video!


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