Youth Fly Fishing Program Reintroduces Brook Trout

kids-with-buckets-72-300x225This fall, the S.A.R.E.P. Youth Fly Fishing Program again performed its annual brook trout stocking into the Canadaway Creek in Western New York. The efforts of parents, community members and children foster a sense of stewardship that will protect the local stream for present and future generations while they also learn a bit about their home waters.

The brook trout that are put into the stream are ready to spawn and our hopes are to create a newpopulation of the species that will survive long term in the stream. Initial reports are positive andencouraging as local residents have found brook trout moving into smaller me-recording-300x249tributaries to spawn and electroshocking reports have found large healthy brook trout surviving the hottest months of the year. The stocking is financed through grants and the generous support of a private donor, Doug Manly.

Here’s a short video of our latest efforts.

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