Trout in the Classroom

In the fall of 2006, the program also invested its funding to begin a Trout in the Classroom where middle school students raised brook trout from eggs and then introduce them into Canadaway Creek in the spring. Over the past few years, we have supplemented the the number of brook trout introduced into the stream by doing more fundraising and purchasing a consistent number of brook trout from Whispering Pines Hatchery. Although an indigenous species to the Northeast, has not been have not been found in this stream in over 100 years. We hope that, by introducing brook trout over the next few years, the creek will provide the habitat for a few pockets of naturally reproducing brook trout. This will be the one of the few, if not the only, Lake Erie tributary that will have this species in its waters. For more information about this program and to view a Aqua Kids television episode on the release of brook trout into the stream, click here , or  to see one of our recent stocking efforts, click here.

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  1. We attended Alberto Rey’s talk at the Wildlife Arts Festival this summer and learned of his Children in the Stream Program and the Brook Trout restoration program. We live to far away to participate in the Tuesday program but we’re wondering if we could get the details about this Fall’s Brook Trout restoration day and if it is something in which we could participate.



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