Biological Regionalism: Lake Erie Tributary, Sheridan, New York, USA

Biological Regionalism: Lake Erie Tributary, Sheridan, New York, USA
May 26th – July 15th, 2013
1 minute and 29 seconds

This video was part of solo museum exhibition at the Extremaduran and Latin American Museum of Contemporary Art (MEIAC)in Badajoz, Spain which provided a retrospective of my past video work. This video was part of a five-part video installation entitled “Moments of Wonder” (Mementos de Asombro). These site-specific videos presenting a 180 degree view of a unique scene in a rural part of the United States.These short videos are synchronized to start on top of the water to and go into the water together and then come back out of the water at the same time. The footage is edited in slow motion to force the viewer to slow down in their movements around the installation to allow them to view footage of a specific region that is not available in real time. The abstractions that occur during the projections provide an additional aesthetic element to the documentation. Maps are also presented that show the museum and along with the other sites from around the world describing were each of the ten videos were shot. The installation provides a link to historical investigations in art, the recent attention given to the environment in society and art and creates a connection between the viewer and environments around the world.

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