Illustrated Articles

(articles published that were written and illustrated by the artist)

“Aesthetics of Death”, Spring 2013, Drake Magazine, Denver, CO

“A little-known culinary gem in the heart of Amish country”, Buffalo Spree, November 2009 , Page 90-91, Buffalo, NY.

“Iceland: An Island of Extreme Beauty” Buffalo Spree, Buffalo, NY, October, 2008

“The Cultural Tourist”, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo, NY, April 2008.

“I Want to Fly” Buffalo Spree, Buffalo, NY, May 2008.

“Searching for Solace”, Buffalo Spree, Buffalo, NY, June 2005.

“The Cattaraugus Creek of Western New York”, Art of Angling Journal, Volume 3, Issue 1, 2005, Westborough, MA

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