Check out!

For the REAL fly fishing girl or woman or for that matter, any fly fisherman should check out this site!

Now listen to this and tell me if this isn’t a great story.

The website is run by Hannah Chloe Belford who is the head guide at the Damdochax River Lodge out of Smithers, British Columbia. Hannah and her mother Alice operate the lodge. Alice is the hostess, part-time guide, a certified healing touch practitioner, and a watercolor artist. Hannah is the head guide, the webmaster, an interior designer, and a graphic artist.

Alice has guided on this river for almost 30 years and Hannah for 17. Between the two, they have tailed thousands of steelhead, and countless numbers of other species. They absolutely love our jobs and careers, and would not consider doing anything other than what they do…… it’s their best lifestyle imaginable.

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